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Side Steps

Having good ground clearance on your vehicle is essential for off-road adventures and the challenges of the job site. But sometimes that same ground clearance can make it a little difficult to access the interior. Step up to excellence, and browse our incredible selection of vehicle side steps! At Willowbrook Customs, you’re sure to find your perfect fit.

Mouse Blocker

In this Canadian climate, vehicles can look like an ideal nesting place to a mouse seeking shelter. Protect your car, truck, or SUV from rodent damage with Mouse Blocker. Mouse Blocker is an ultrasonic mouse deterrent system that emits an ultra-high frequency noise to deter mice from getting into your vehicle. Find yours at Willowbrook Customs today!

Mud Flaps

Mudflaps help protect both your vehicle and other cars on the road from rocks, dirt, and debris that gets kicked up by spinning tires. As an added bonus, they can also make your car, truck, or SUV look fantastic! Visit Willowbrook Customs today, and explore our inventory of stylish and functional mudflaps.

Tonneau Cover

You’re a pro who knows the value of a truck that can haul mass. Keep your truck bed cargo safe and secure with a tonneau cover from Willowbrook Customs. We’re proud to carry a range of different styles to suit all makes and models. Our tonneau covers are tough, dependable, and stylish — just like your truck.

Floor Mats

Sometimes, the adventures of life can get messy. Protect your vehicle’s interior from water, mud, sand, and road salt with floor mats from Willowbrook Customs. We offer a range of different colours and styles to choose from, so not only will you enjoy increased protection, you’ll also find floor mats that suit your unique style.

Lift Kits

There are few things as impressive as a lifted truck sitting head and shoulders above traffic. Whether you’re looking to turn heads, add larger off-roading tires, or make towing heavy loads easier, you’ll need a lift kit from Willowbrook Customs! Stop by today, and our experts will help take your adventures to new heights.

Leather Seats

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury and good taste when it comes to automotive seating, nothing beats leather. At Willowbrook Customs, we’re proud to offer a wide range of comfortable and classy leather seats for many different makes and models. Elevate your everyday and ride in style with Willowbrook Customs.

Leveling Kit

When the going gets tough, it’s important to stay level-headed. And this goes for your truck as well! Willowbrook Customs is proud to offer a lineup of leveling kits for a variety of makes and models. Achieve a more balanced look without sacrificing the “get it done” functionality of your pickup. Stop by and speak with our experts today.


Ready to roll? If it’s got four wheels, we can find tires for it at Willowbrook Customs. Whether you’re looking for off-road warriors, track-ready performers, or anything in between, you’ll find it here. We’re proud to carry a wide variety of top-name tire brands that will help keep you going, no matter what the roads throw your way.


New rims are an easy and effective way to bring your vehicle’s signature style right down to the ground. If you’re looking to give your car, truck, or SUV that extra “wow” factor, and to lighten the load for superior control and performance, visit Willowbrook Customs today, and check out our selection of rims.

Tow Mirrors

When you’re towing the big toys, it might feel like it would be handy to have eyes in the back of your head. At Willowbrook Customs, we provide the next best thing with our range of tow mirrors. Tow mirrors let you clearly visualize both your trailer and the surrounding objects, which makes manoeuvring and parking a breeze!


Are you ready to shine? Enhance the look of your vehicle and light up the darkest night with our range of headlights. At Willowbrook Customs, we’re proud to offer an incredible inventory of high-performance headlights to help you see farther, and extend your adventures around the clock. Talk about an illuminating experience!


On today’s roads, it’s important to see and be seen. Keep drivers behind you apprised of the conditions ahead with tail lights that are both practical and stylish. New tail lights are also a quick and easy way to enhance the look of your vehicle, and you’ll find an incredible selection to choose from at Willowbrook Customs. Call, click, or stop by today!


On Lower Mainland roads, fog is a familiar sight. Almost as familiar as rain! Properly-mounted fog lights project a wide, flat beam which illuminates the road ahead and cuts down the amount of light reflecting off of the fog. For superior safety in all conditions, visit Willowbrook Customs, and check out our comprehensive inventory of fog lights.


If you’re looking for some serious pulling power, come to Willowbrook Customs and check out our lineup of automotive winches. They’re perfect for sticky situations where you need to free yourself or other vehicles from the mud. Winches can also be used to haul equipment, move debris, and more. Find yours today at Willowbrook Customs!


Looking to beef up your bumpers? Make Willowbrook Customs your first and only stop. We’re proud to offer a variety of custom bumpers to provide extra protection and add a touch of unique style to your car, truck, or SUV. Contact our experts today, and let’s take your vehicle’s style and safety up a notch.


At Willowbrook Customs, we’re all about making your vehicle as unique as you are. Nothing says power and performance quite like the sculpted splendour of a custom hood. Not only will it provide an instant eye-catching element, a custom hood can help increase aerodynamics, reduce weight, boost performance, and more. Find yours at Willowbrook Customs today!


We’ve all got that one friend who always knows the best way to get somewhere, and who never seems to get stuck in traffic. Thanks to our range of aftermarket navigation systems at Willowbrook Customs, you can be this friend! Visit us today, and gain the ability to find your way around like a local, no matter where you roam.

Pedal Commander

In challenging driving conditions, throttle control is key. If you’re looking to increase the responsiveness of your gas pedal and stay in tune with the road, choose the Pedal Commander throttle control system. Willowbrook Customs is proud to offer this remarkable product, and to help bring the joy to your ride. Call, click, or stop by today!

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